WWOOFing it Up in Kiwiland: organic farming in New Zealand 2012

3 years later and life brings me back to New Zealand. This time for a longer period, for a different purpose, with a different outlook on life than last time. I hope what transpires from a few years of travelling as far and as wide as possible across this beautiful country is a basic but decent knowledge and experience in organic farming, self sustainable living, and food production. Come and join me, there's loads of room in the car.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Honeymoon period is over!

Day 3

How quickly the honeymoon period ends. This idyllic existence has it's downsides. There is no such thing as perfection but being the die-hard romantic, please forgive me another time for believing the illusion. Yesterday after I spent 3 hours weeding, the heaven's opened and I was stuck indoors the rest of the time, which I wasn't complaining about because my back was knackered, but it's never fun when it rains on the parade! Or on your just hung out laundry! Being on the farm, the animals need care rain or shine. Getting wet is unavoidable and my city skin is not so waterproof, even if I am from Scotland.

My relationships with the non-human creatures deepens. You know family by the extent to which they can annoy you, and the animals have gone from being novel and cute to annoying (but still cute). After spending a good hour with Ricky the cat yesterday afternoon, today he has persistently come begging for a petting and a massage. If he could return the favour, I would gladly satisfy him but it doesn't work like that with animals without opposable thumbs! I resisted and ignored him. Ricky also killed a rabbit and dragged it indoors, and brought in another one half alive squealing for it's life. Maybe he meant well, but I'm allergic to rabbits! He wasn't to know. Besides, he's only doing what nature intended for him to do. The cirle of life and all that.

Humans aren't so easy to get close to, and I understand better why people choose the company of animals over their fellow humans. Animals are straighforward. You know that they need you because you give them what they want and they return that with affection and loyalty. It helps that no words are needed, because there's no lies, no manipulation, no ambiguities. Loving a non-human creature is easier, in many ways.

Baa baa today escaped multiple times from the orchard, and headed straight for the back door. Bleating and jumping up to get your attention because he wants to come into the house, making a racket, and then peeing allover the doorstep, allover the gumboots and shoes too. Then it's the chook's turn to turn on me! As I attempt to check for eggs under the nesting hen, she pecks at my finger and while it doesn't hurt, I get the fright of my life because I watched someone else pick up eggs without a problem the day before. I'm so scared that I hold up my arm to protect my face from another chicken. She doesn't look as agitated as the pecking hen by my presence but once pecked, twice shy! And then Dice is constantly around begging for scraps, even licking the cutlery in the dishwasher if you turn around too long. I feel like I know these animals better than the people in this house. Or maybe I'm just more fascinated by the novelty of living with non-human animals; they are what I'm more interested in talking about. A welcome relief from the complexities of human nature; the animals seem to have it all sussed out. What a day! I wish the weather would be drier and sunnier but it's not. Instead of wishing for what I can't have, I wish I would just accept things the way they are. Being a control freak, this is not a strength. These non-human creatures have a lot to teach me...

Here's a picture to make you smile. Baa baa trying time get through the catflap, even though he doesn't fit.


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