WWOOFing it Up in Kiwiland: organic farming in New Zealand 2012

3 years later and life brings me back to New Zealand. This time for a longer period, for a different purpose, with a different outlook on life than last time. I hope what transpires from a few years of travelling as far and as wide as possible across this beautiful country is a basic but decent knowledge and experience in organic farming, self sustainable living, and food production. Come and join me, there's loads of room in the car.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

today's blog: (the activist's version ~ DO) Activists, Pragamatists, Theorists & Reflectors...

What upsets me most, is that when I'm gone no-one's here to take up the baton and I'm sure I'm exaggerating the loss, which isn't really one for the group because I believe in Linda, the founder; in her resolve, commitment and enthusiasm, I have no doubt. She is an example pioneering community leader however the fire in her belly outweighs any latent abilities of strategic planning, bigger picture envisioning and reviewing of the group's activities. A group moves as fast as it leaders are able to take it.

Like any pure activist she's a 'Do now; think later' kinda gal. I used to be like that. I burnt out, I still do on ocassions but I'm working on it...

The 3 groups were competing to build the highest tower out of nothing but paper. They relaxed and had fun, they laughed and felt human. That's enough for the activist in me...but the miserable woman sapped some of my energy, threw me out of focus, and it wasn't the best I could have made it.

It's about the passion and the commitment to making things happen that makes a good leader but having healthy balancing levels of the other 3 learning styles helps heaps. That's what I'm learning this week... and work life balance, that helps too...

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