WWOOFing it Up in Kiwiland: organic farming in New Zealand 2012

3 years later and life brings me back to New Zealand. This time for a longer period, for a different purpose, with a different outlook on life than last time. I hope what transpires from a few years of travelling as far and as wide as possible across this beautiful country is a basic but decent knowledge and experience in organic farming, self sustainable living, and food production. Come and join me, there's loads of room in the car.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Left-wing, right-wing.... confused Wing : the Auckland Super-city

There are currently five 'cities' within the city of Auckland and the recently elected right-wing government are amalgamating the 5 boroughs in the next few years. It's been interesting talking to locals about this. The dad of the home-stay family I am living with thinks that the 'super-city' will centralise the transport, health service and policies to make things easier. He said that centralisation has been discussed before but the previous left wing government were resisting change to keep their electorate happy. The mother said she isn't so interested in lcoal governance because she doesn't own her home. The staff at my placement organisation, Community Waitakere, say that while they are not opposed to the super-city itself, the reforms are being bull-dozed by central government... since getting here, I've been trying to get over the jet-lag, so I've not had a chance to do some of my own research and only been getting biased views.
Besides this, I have been living with a lovely local family and lots has been going on at work...but it has to wait cause the jet-lag is killing me....

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